Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you happy now?

Do you feel contented and satisfied with your life? Are you happy at this moment you read this? Everyone has their own point of view about happiness. The definition of happiness is relative, depend on each person who feels it. In my opinion, happiness is not related with richness and wealth. It comes from ourselves and could be influenced by several factors from outside. For example, if we have something that others people don't, we might feel happy. But anyway, the happiness itself, comes from inside.

Having something that others don't, our perhaps we're richer than others is only related with short term happiness. Perhaps we feel happy after buying a new car. We feel happy because we have promoted to higher position in our company. We feel happy because we have achieved our dream. But how long this happiness could last? How long we could feel it?

Sometimes, we feel envious of our friend's success. When we find that others have more than we do, we said: "How lucky he is, he must be happy". But who know? We do not know about his feeling. We do now know that may be he has a huge problem behind it. It is possible that our condition at that time is better than other people whom we treat as happier than us. But because our mind has said he's luckier than us, if affects our heart and allows our mind to develop a negative thinking about ourself.

The real happiness comes from ourselves by having grateful of everything we have: health, beautiful life, money, etc. People tends to want more and more. Never feels satisfied. When one of our needs has been fulfilled, we seek other things that in our opinion it could make us feel satisfied. It has no end. We never looks around us. So many peoples suffer, so many people are ill-fated, so many people worse than us. We should be grateful. Why should we feel unhappy if there are so many people around us suffer and worse. Perhaps they do not have everything like we do, but who knows if they are apparently happier than us? If they could happy with what they have, why we couldn't? Happiness comes from inside, and no one could make us sad or happy unless we allow it. So, why we are still complaining about our life if we could be happy.