Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I hate Monday

It was really troubled me. I wished, I could go home early. This week, I intend to go home early everyday. I don't want to waste my time too much in the office. When I come home earlier, at least I can do more things useful for me. Moreover, I could spare my time to rest and sleep.

But, Monday has ruined my schedule. When suddenly, I had to prepare all documents needed for audit requirement. Just guess when I should submit all of them. It's the next day, Tuesday morning, today. Irritated me so much. After collecting all of the documents, I had to verify them one by one, organize them, ask my manager for approval and sign it, and finally scan it one by one and send it to the one who responsible in ruining my day.

Yesterday, I went out from office at 20:30. One hours later, I could relax myself on my room. Straighten my feet on my bed. Thinking, how much time I supposed to be had if I could go home earlier. After all, I am contented of what I had done yesterday. Even though I came home late, all damn things related to audit had been done. The question is: "Why there'll always be one day like this every week?" When, I had a plan but it's all had to be canceled due to my job. Sigh..


indigo wine said...

hahaha, diaudit, Ko? jangan gtu, yang jadi auditor juga suka bete karena kliennya lelet bikin engagement jadi ngga kelar-kelar.

Semangat, pren!

Ahmad said...

auditor kurang ajar. :D

feha said...

yah namanya juga auditor....
bikin pusing kan? udah banting ajah :p

Eko Budi Prasetyo said...

Waduh.. ini kok yang ngasih komentar terkesan udah punya pengalaman buruk dengan audit nih :P

Aminah said...

Apapun kejadiannya,
Ayo teriakan I LOVE MONDAY!!

Apapun pengalaman pas diaudit,
Hidup auditor!! Hahaha..

Sebel bangetz.. Pontang panting mjelang audit nyiapin semua muanya.. E abis audit.. Jd banyak 'PR' yg hrs segera dibereskan.. Caaaah..