Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A struggle to watch The Golden Compass movie...

Last night would become a longest and wonderful night in this week. And I felt I was the most stupid person on earth.

It began with a plan on the afternoon to watch The Golden Compass movie on the cinema. After browsing on 21 Cineplex website, I decided to watch the movie on PIM XXI because the movie will begin at 19.15. So I had enough time to travel there. Actually, I had another choice. I could choose Plaza Semanggi. But because I had another intent - I wanted to look for the second book of His Dark Material novel, The Subtle Knife, which is the next after The Golden Compass - I decided to choose PIM.

Anyway, on the evening someone asked me to watch the movie at Plaza Semanggi. I thought it was a good idea because I wouldn't watch the movie alone. And because the movie would start at 6:45 pm, earlier than on PIM, I supposed I could go home earlier. My first intent to look for the novel was gone.

After office hour, at 6pm, I went directly to Plaza Semanggi. I was the one who came first, so I had to buy the ticket. Surprisingly, the ticket were sold out. Aargh, I felt disappointed and resentful. I informed my friend about this and she was still in her office. Damn.. I didn't even know what I felt. I thought I might not have another spare time on this week to see the movie.

While I was thinking deeply, whether I should go home or try to watch the movie at the other cinema, I was browsing on my phone to list the schedule of the movie on the other cinema. I found a suitable one. It was on PIM 1. This cinema would show the movie at 8:40pm. I still had more than one hour to get there. Moreover, I was still be able to do my previous plan. Looking for the novel there.

Fortunately, I could use a bus routed to Ciputat from where I was. If I had trapped in a traffic jam so I couldn't come on PIM before 8:40pm, it would be OK for me. I would stop at the end of the bus route and went home. I was lucky, I felt. I arrived at PIM at 8:25pm and bought a ticket which was currently still available. Fiuhh.. In the next 15 minutes before the movie began, I visited Gramedia, Periplus, and Kinokuniya bookstore to find out whether my desirable novel was available. Miserably, the novel was sold out. Hhh.. Not only for the second sequel, but for the first and the last it were also sold out.

Even I felt unsatisfied, I tried to forget it and enjoy the movie. Though I just had read half of the story from the novel, I thought the movie itself had been manipulated everywhere. So it wasn't appropriated based on the novel. I supposed The Lord of The Rings trilogy were better in translation to its movies version instead. I was confused with the plot and the fact described on the movie. Too much manipulation I thought. Even its plot was generally same with the novel. And it's too short and less detail though the duration is almost two hours. I guessed it would be different if I hadn't read the novel. In my opinion it would be better to watch the movie first and then read the novel as my friend had ever told me. :( But overall, the movie was nice and worth enough to watch.

Finally the show was end at about 10:30pm and I was satisfied enough. I felt encouraged to finish the remaining chapter on the novel, instead. Interesting novel, and I recommend it to be read. I traveled to my home with satisfaction and curiosity though I didn't realize I would face another problem when I came home.

I got home at 11:30pm. Too night and too late for me. The door had been locked. Foolishly, I had put the key on my office and forgot to bring it back. I knocked the door and tried to call any of my family member but no one replied. I called them using my phone about more than 10 times and end with my own desperation. I really really felt frustrated. :(( I decided not to disturb and wake my family member up. So I tried to sleep on terrace in front of the door. Huhuhu.. Felt satisfied and also desperate. I gazed to the sky. It was clear so I could see so many stars laid there as if they're laughing at me. And the last one, there were so many mosquitoes here as companion on my sleep. I was half asleep when my phone rang. It was coming from one of my family member. In the next five minutes, I was already on my bed. When I saw the time on the clock, it was 1 am. But I didn't care and continue to sleep. Sigh... nice journey just to watch a movie and look for an unavailable novel.


jefri said...

who is she? :D, time to EAT EAT

Eko Budi Prasetyo said...

You know lah... :P

Adi Gia Utama said...

a series of unfortunate events... Hahaha.... Everybody have some bad experience like that... the way you describe it, i like it. nice writing bro....
Btw, I know the girl.... she's working at sudirman... rite?? *wink*