Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Testing: Google Talk

Yesterday, I tried Google Talk to transfer files. So far, I've never used this feature. Just only for chatting. Coincidently, my friend (Arnold) ask me to transfer him photos taken from events which held in Bimo's house two days ago. I zipped all of these photos into a single file which size is up to 160 MB.

So, I sent the file to him which took 4 hours to complete the transfer, not as quick as I had imagined before. But it's okay, as long as the file was not corrupted when Arnold received it. Unfortunately when the transfer had been running for about 1 hour, I mistakenly unplugged the UTP cable on my computer. Hahahaha... the connection was broken. When I plugged the UTP cable, the connection was still broken. I guessed Google Talk couldn't resume the broken connection. Minus 10 points for Google because it couldn't handle broken connection.

I splitted the file into the smaller one. I splitted the file based on the source of these photos, which was came from my digicam, Icha's digicam, and Novan's digicam. So there were three files ( 28 MB, 47 MB, 91 MB). I sent the smallest file first which took about 30 minutes to complete. This file was successfully transferred in first attempt. Beside that, Arnold could open and unzip the file which means the file was not corrupted. Yeah plus 10 points for Google.

The second file (47 MB) was also transferred successfully within about 40 minutes in first attempt. Hmm.. I think Google Talk is reliable for transferring file with big size except you unplug the UTP cable from your computer. Hehehehe.. Plus 10 more points for Google.

The biggest file took about more than 1 hour to complete the transfer. After the transfer had been finished, I didn't confirm to Arnold whether he's received the file or not. He said that he left his computer when the file was still being transferred. So I assumed everything was fine when the transfer was completed.

This morning he told me that his computer has been restarted when he was not there. I guess after he left his computer yesterday afternoon, he didn't use the computer until this morning. He said the third file I sent yesterday was gone. Very-very funny.. It seems Google save the received file in a temporary folder and if we don't save the file immediately, the file will be gone. May be, before receiving a file, Google Talk should show up a "Save As" dialog to ensure the received file wouldn't be erased when the computer restarted unexpectedly. Hahahaha... minus 10 more points for Google.


joe said...

Haha you give zero point sum for google.

Poor google... :P

Eko Budi Prasetyo said...

Hehehe... even with zero point, it's still reliable except.... :P