Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photo Album

Last week, I tried Picasa Web Album service from Google. It provides 1GB free storages quota (and counting) ;). Then, for these last four days, I've uploaded most of my photo collection, especially photos from my campus community. I found out that I didn't have photos for some occasions involving my campus friends such as photos taken from the birthday celebration of Iang, Eka, Achie, Anti, and Prita which was held last month. Fortunately, I could copy my missing photos collection from tuma.vlsm.org, which stores all of these photos in full size. But, I couldn't SCP to tuma.vlsm.org from my office. Aaargh... the packets were blocked by the firewall. And fortunately, finally I could connect to tuma using SOCKS proxy illegally. Hehehehe... Thanks to Iang and Jefri for providing some spaces in tuma and made it accessible from outside.

Then, I reduced all of these photos to 1024 x 768 pixels and began to upload these photos using Picasa. Thanks to Picasa... It has simplified the uploading process. I just select the photos, and click Upload to Web Album, and everything will be done as I want.

So these are all of my photos collection which can be accessed at http://picasaweb.google.com/amphie:

  • Foto Narsis Admin (yeah... I found it on my computer, and sometimes I regret I have borrowed my digital camera to take these photos)


fajran said...

eh lo masih punya versi asli dari foto-foto-keren itu gak?

Eko Budi Prasetyo said...

foto-foto keren yg mana niy? * sok innocent *
Perlu di upload ke tuma?