Friday, May 25, 2007

Coding For Health

For this last two weeks, I've been working for some small project. At this moment, two project is already finished. I call them small project because these projects are simple (I think) and could be done in one week. All of these projects process input, calculate it, and show the result. In my opinion, it's like a simulation program and it doesn't need a database to support its functionality. In general, I can say that I should be able to transform some excel formulas become lines of code. The most difficult and interesting part is how to analyze the problem and determine the data model for the problem. Then, for each model, I should determine the relationship between one model to another one. The other parts like designing GUI is not important for me, because it has no special requirement for the UI design.

I took these project because, yeah, as you can see in my previous post, I miss coding... ;) Sometimes I feel that I should refresh my ability in coding. Even in this situation it's very difficult for me to improve my ability in coding, at least I still be able to code. I realize, I don't have enough time to learn and follow the new up-to-date technologies and improvements in IT area. Because now, I'm working on telecommunication area. But, at least, I won't leave coding. I won't let my ability become unused. I know, by working on these kind of projects, I should be able to manage my time better than before. I should also sacrifice my rest time in order to finish these projects earlier. I feel tired and exhausted, but I felt so satisfied when I could solve some problem in these projects and finish it. These feeling of satisfaction will wash all these tiredness away. Thanks God, you've answered my wish.

I remember five months ago, when I was still working on my campus with my friends. When we're frustrated with the requirements and should be able to modify the code in order to fit the requirements, but we were still determined to solve the problems, we would say like this : "Coding for health. Coding is good for your health. Just code at least 1000 lines of codes per day to make you healthier." Ahh... this stupid things will remains here in my mind. It's so funny. I miss it, when we're working together, crying together, frustrating together, and blaming each other when a problem appeared suddenly in our projects. I miss U all, my friends.


joolean said...

hahahahah *teringat hari2 sinting ituh*

Eko Budi Prasetyo said...

kampak2, gergaji mesin, ..... =))
* jd inget, siapa ya yg nonton American Psycho ampe berulang-ulang *